Engineering the Microbiota: A new therapeutic frontier?

Understanding microbiota

Procarta has received grant-funding to develop its proprietary platform to investigate the effect of the human microbiota on health.

For every human cell in our bodies another ten are microbes and this large and complex community, referred to as the microbiota, is now thought to have a direct impact on many aspects of human health: obesity, inflammatory diseases and some cancers. It is becoming widely appreciated that balancing the microbiota should improve our health.

The TSB and BBSRC have invested in Procarta's new programme to adapt our snare™ technology to make predictive changes to the microbiota, with the long term aim of developing products to improve human health. Our approach is unique in its ability to target only deleterious bacteria in the microbiota rather than traditional antibiotics that would largely sterilize the gut, losing many of the 'friendly' bacteria.

As part of the funding a PhD position will become available in 2014. To learn more of this opportunity please contact Dr. Michael McArthur -

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